Cacao powder 10-12% fat (Theobroma cacao) *Low in Cadmium*

We offer Cacao powder from Peru which has the finest and flavour beans from Criollo or Trinitario cocoa tree varieties.

The Cacao powder is the dry cocoa solids produced by pressing the cacao cake to remove much of the cacao butter. the residual cacao press cake is milled to obtain cocoa powder. The powder grinding lines pulverise cocoa cake particles into the defined fineness levels.

We offer Cacao powder Low in Cadmium suitable for direct consumption. This product is in compliant with the EU Commission Regulation (EU) related to the maximum level of cadmium in foodstuffs.

Industrial usage: Direct consumption, in smoothies, shakes, protein drinks, juices , cakes, cookies,  etc

                    Main product’s characteristics
Origin Amazon Region of Peru
Seasonal Harvest April to July and October
Shipping time All year round.
Key properties It contains resveratrol and flavonoids such as epicatechin of antioxidant properties. It boosts your immunity system.
Product certifications Organic, Kosher,
Available as Natural and Organic
Packaging 25 Kgs trilaminate paper bag
Guarantees This product is FREE of GMO, Gluten-free and Non-Allergen

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