Cacao beans (Theobroma cacao)

NHSuperfoods’ cacao beans grow in the Jungle of Peru in the region of San Martin one of the finest and flavour beans from Criollo and Trinitario cocoa tree varieties with unique flavours, high-quality product with a fine taste and high nutritional value.

Once the cacao has been removed from its pod, it is subjected to the two first stages of the process; fermentation and sun drying. We use cacao with low fermentation; after fermentation, the cacao is sun-dried until it reaches the perfect humidity level.  A sample is taken from each bag and analyzed in an international laboratory before been processed. The cacao is then washed, and machines dried it at low temperatures until the grains reach the right humidity.

NHSuperfoods take pride in always processing premium quality products that comply with international food standards, guaranteeing our customers that they are buying the best products available on the market.

Industrial usage: As raw material in the manufacture of final products such as cocoa powder, chocolate bar and other cocoa derivatives.

                    Main product’s characteristics
Origin Jungle of Peru (San Martin)
Seasonal Harvest April – July
Shipping time All year round
Key properties Antioxidant, minerals, anti-depressant, energetic, etc
Product certifications Organic, Kosher
Available as Raw, Natural and Fair Trade Organic Cacao Beans available
Packaging 15 Kgs Box – Cardboard and

69 Kgs Yute bag

Guarantees This product is FREE of GMO, Gluten-free and non-Allergen

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