RAW Cacao Couverture – Blocks (Theobroma Cacao)

NHSuperfoods supplies organic Cacao paste from origin Peru in the jungle region of San Martin one of the finest and flavoured beans from Criollo and Trinitario tree varieties with unique flavours, high-quality product with a fine taste and high nutritional value.

Couverture chocolate is very high-quality chocolate that contains organic cacao paste, cacao butter, and sugar. No additives are added to the production process of the couverture chocolate

Industrial usage: Chocolate coverture can be consumed on its own as Chocolate, or melted and combine with other ingredients, such as nuts, milk etc for confectionery, pastry etc

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Jungle of Peru (San Martin)

Seasonal Harvest

April – July, and October

Shipping time

All year round

Raw Material

Organic cacao paste (liquor), organic cacao butter, and organic sugar

Product certifications

Kosher, Organic

Available as

55% Cacao, 70% Cacao


20 Kgs block


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