Amaranth powder (Amaranthus caudatus)

We offer Amaranth powder from Peru. NHSuperfoods’ ingredients besides being highly appreciated for its nutritional value, are versatile, easy to integrate into the complete production line to prepare snacks, baby foods, muffins, cookies, bread, cakes energy bars, smoothies, pasta, cakes, ice-cream, etc.

Aimed at athletes, children, pregnant women, seniors, everyone who wants to boot and improve its health conditions.

NHSuperfoods’ Amaranth powder is gluten-free, free of GMO and Non-Allergens, No additives, or preservatives 100% Natural.

                    Main product’s characteristics
Origin Highland of the Andes of Peru
Seasonal Harvest April-November
Shipping time All year round
Key properties A source of essential amino acids, in particular lysine. Lysine seems to help the body absorb calcium. Amaranth also contains calcium, phosphorus and iron.
Product certifications Organic, Kosher, Fair Trade
Available as Organic and Fair Trade
Packaging Box-cardboard 15kgs (containing 3 bags of 5 Kg each)
Guarantees This product is FREE of GMO, Gluten-free and Non-Allergen

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